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4 Annoyances Eliminated by Waterproofing Your Basement

Entertainment Room In Basement
A wet basement can be both a major inconvenience and a destructive problem for your home. Water damage is often costly to repair, and the damage can occur in hidden places and become an unpleasant surprise.
You might decide that the dampness in your basement isn't causing any significant damage, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't dry out the space. A wet basement is the source of several minor annoyances that you shouldn't have to put up with every day. Learn about some of the unpleasant side effects of a wet basement.

1. Lost Storage and Recreational Space

If your garage is an overloaded storage space now, you could get rid of some of that clutter by storing your belongings in your basement. However, if the floor is wet frequently, you can't use the space for anything.
If dampness is the main problem with your basement, you still can't store things like paper documents, cardboard boxes, metal objects, or clothing in the space. The risk is too high that the moisture or mold will cause damage.
By drying out the space, you'll have more room to organize your storage supplies so that your garage and home have reduced clutter. You may even have enough extra room for a pool table or exercise machines that you can't fit elsewhere in your home.

2. Poor Air Quality in Your Home

A more serious problem associated with a damp basement is poor air quality. A damp basement often has a musty odor. You might notice an odor of mildew or a foul odor in the air from bacterial growth.
Unfortunately, the air in your basement and the rest of your home are not separate from each other. The bad odors from below will waft up through your home and make the main floors of your home smell bad too.
No amount of cleaning upstairs will solve the problem, and air fresheners aren't the answer since these just cover up odors. The only way to keep your home smelling fresh is to clean up the basement and keep it dried out by waterproofing it.

3. Destructive Pests Overrunning Your Home

Another unpleasant fact associated with wet and damp areas is that they attract bugs. Some dampness-loving bugs can destroy your belongings. Termites chew on the wood in your home, and silverfish destroy your paper documents and books.
While pest control treatments can help this situation, the real solution is to get rid of what attracts bugs in the first place, and that's high humidity, dampness, and wet wood.

4. Lower Home Value

If you may have to move unexpectedly because of a job transfer or if you plan to move to a new home within a few years, you're probably concerned with maintaining the value of your home.
A wet basement is not a good selling point when your home is on the market. It may affect the selling price of your home, and it also might scare off potential buyers. Think about how impressed buyers would be to tour your home and walk into a basement that's dry, functional, and has no foul odors.
Investing in waterproofing now may well be worth the money. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a dry basement and have peace of mind knowing that a wet basement problem won't reduce your home's value or selling potential.
There is a waterproofing solution for your wet basement no matter what is causing the problem. Call All-Systems Waterproofing for an inspection and recommendation for drying out your basement and eliminating the annoyances and damages that dampness causes. 


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