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Professional Foundation Crack Repair in St. Louis, Missouri

The Root of the Problem

While you may enjoy your spacious rooms or cozy fireplace, the most important part of your home is the foundation. Without it, your walls, roofing and every structural feature of your building are at risk. It is vitally important that your foundation remains in good repair. Luckily, there are affordable repair services available to you.

The Warning Signs

Sinking Floors
When the structure of your house is compromised, the supporting beams may begin to warp. This can result in your floors sagging or sinking, as they are no longer being properly held up.
Cracks in Interior and Exterior Walls
One of the easiest signs to catch are cracks in your walls. The pressure of your building shifting can create small fissures throughout your property. This should be taken care of immediately before the splits grow any larger.
Crown Molding and Ceiling Separation
When your foundation is damaged, it begins to warp the seams of your building. This can cause your crown molding to separate from the ceiling. If you notice this occurrence, get professional help immediately.
Wrinkles in Wallpaper
Shifting support beams don’t only affect larger structural features. As your home distorts, the walls of your building are put under immense pressure. This can cause a web of wrinkles to spread throughout your wallpaper.

Our Foundation Treatment

Are you concerned about the safety of your building? At All-Systems Waterproofing Inc., we provide a 24-hour phone service so that you always have reliable help available to you. We have served St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas for over 56 years. Don’t put off getting the repair work you need to get a safe home.