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Hydraulic Cement Service in St. Louis, Missouri

When You Need Help Now

Life doesn’t stop when your building needs repairs. As a result of this, many people put off getting necessary maintenance for their property. Often, this only exacerbates the problem because the damage is allowed to get worse and will end up costing a large amount of money to restore. Fortunately, affordable repair products and reliable services are only one call away.
Hydraulic Cement

What Is Hydraulic Cement?

Hydraulic Cement is an extremely versatile material. The most common use for it is to block water and leaks that have formed in many types of concrete and masonry constructions. It is especially invaluable in sealing structures that are below grade or exposed to moisture. Our team uses it to fix everything from swimming pools and drainage systems to chimneys and basements.

The Many Benefits of Hydraulic Cement

Easy, Waterproof Application
One of the most convenient benefits of hydraulic cement is its easy application. It can be applied vertically without messy drips and resists the flow of water. Even leaky pipes and cracks can effortlessly be fixed without first stopping the leaking. It doesn’t corrode from exposure to moisture and will retain its strength even when submerged.
Fast Drying Time
Another advantage of using hydraulic cement is its flexibility of use. It sets and hardens extremely quickly (generally within three minutes after being mixed with water). This makes it a great choice for those who need to do emergency repairs. However, its setting time can also be controlled based upon what it is mixed with. Hot water accelerates the hardening process, while cold water decelerates it.
Lasting Quality
Hydraulic cement provides secure sealing that is not only quick but also lasts a long time. Since it is not an expensive product, this makes it extremely cost-effective, as only one purchase is enough to provide you with years of resilient repair.

Our Team and Techniques

Our team at All-Systems Waterproofing Inc. strives to provide St. Louis, Missouri, with waterproofing and repair services that are not only reliable but economical. This is why we include the use of hydraulic cement in our maintenance process. Don’t wait to get help for your leaking structure. With this fast-setting product, we will quickly and reliably secure your building.