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Waterproofing Contractor Services in St. Louis, Missouri

Your Sublevel Sanctuary

There’s a stigma about basements. Simply hearing the name often calls to mind images of a dark cellar filled with dusty cobwebs. In reality, sublevel floors can be used as cozy family rooms, office spaces or play areas for the kids. Whether you’ve already renovated or are just beginning the process, ensure that your property is fully protected against water damage. With our affordable waterproofing services, your brand-new basement will be safe and secure for years to come.

Our Essential Systems

It’s a misconception that all finished basements are secure against water damage. In actuality, there are likely many points of access where moisture can seep through. It is especially vital that this room is protected from exterior hazards, since the majority of leaks, floods and drips comes from outside your home. We install irrigation systems that safely redirect water away from your building’s foundation. This will help protect your slab’s structural integrity.

Keep Your Cellar Dry

While diverting water away from the exterior of your home is crucial, extreme situations are always a possibility. This is why we provide professional preventative services for the interior of your basement. Our team offers an extensive variety of waterproofing options, including urethane coatings, drain tiles and hydraulic cement. We have the perfect product for practically every kind of building.

Personalized Solutions

No two buildings are built exactly alike. This is why our team offers free inspections to determine the best waterproofing solution for you. We analyze house size, location and layout to assess your basement’s vulnerability. Our crew has the experience to efficiently and effectively formulate the most economical options available to you.

Providing a Lifetime of Service

We have been providing superior waterproofing services to St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding communities since 1961. This has given us years of experience that we use to aid our clients. At All-Systems Waterproofing Inc., our job is to provide security. This is why we offer reliable lifetime guarantees. Not only will your current residence always benefit from our service, but you will also enjoy years of assistance for any future home you own.